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 Transformative Retreats: Unwind, Grow, Succeed

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 Benefit 1:  Transform your well-being with nutritious meals and fitness guidance; Your path to lasting health starts here.

 Benefit 2:  Sharpen your mental clarity through meditation; You will become   laser focus, by propelling your professional success.

 Benefit 3:  Our personalized training metodology adapts to your level; we sculpt your fitness journey to be uniquely yours.

Exclusive Bonuses for Your Retreat Journey: Elevate Your Wellness and Transformation!

Bonus 1: 50% Discount on Companion Pass - Bring a friend or partner at half the price, sharing the growth and support.

🎁  Bonus2:

Nutrition Planning Guide. Navigate your health path with expert advice before, and after retreat experience, showing immediate commitment.

As the founder of our remarkable retreat, I am constantly in amazement of the incredible journey we've embarked upon. Our dedication to excellence in every facet of our program, from our innovative workshops and top-notch services to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, is what sets us apart. We have not only created a brand but a lifestyle that embodies the pursuit of excellence, and our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in making a positive impact, empowering individuals, and transforming lives. Join us in this extraordinary adventure, and together, we will continue to achieve greatness! Jose Luis Saenz 
Product #1 Palenque Fitness Retreat  $1,998.00 Value
Retreat Duration: 7 days & 6 Nights Accommodation.

All meals Included : 36 nutritious meals.

All you can drink of water, coffe, & tea.

Daily Meditation classes.

Daily Ice bath & breathwork theraphy sessions.

Transportation All ground transportation Included.

Tours  All tours and activities included.

Daily Mobility workshop sessions.

Temazcal  Temazcal ceremony included.

Massage sports/relaxing massage included.

Daily Crossfit & HIT: Workouts Included.

Trail / 5K Run

Trusted guide nature & Jungle Hikes 

Product #2 Private Pre-Event Support Coaching $250.00 Value
**Pre-Private Coaching Session ($250 Value):**

- One-on-one consultation with our experienced coach to discuss your personal goals and intentions for the retreat.

- Tailored guidance and support to help you prepare mentally and emotionally for the transformative retreat experience.

- Customized pre-retreat exercises and practices to enhance your readiness and maximize your retreat benefits.

- Exclusive access to resources, worksheets, and insights to deepen your understanding of the retreat's themes and objectives.

- Personalized recommendations to help you make the most of your time during the retreat and achieve your desired outcomes.

- Bonus: Nutrition coaching and dietary advice to ensure you are physically prepared and energized for the retreat.
Product #3 6 Months Accountability Post-Event Support Coaching $750.00 Value
**"6 Months of Accountability" Program Highlights ($750.00 Value):**

- Personalized fitness guidance tailored to your goals and fitness level.

- Expert nutrition coaching for a sustainable and balanced dietary plan.

- Holistic wellness support, including stress management and mindfulness.

- Weekly check-ins and progress tracking to keep you accountable.

- Ongoing support from experienced coaches throughout the program.

- Post-event support coaching to transition seamlessly into your daily routine.
Stefano Cataldi 
Joseluis Saenz is the best. It gave me the chance to grow a lot as a diver. He is competent, sporty, prepared, disciplined and correct. I can only highly recommend him and his training.
Omar Bernardi da Tarzo
They say IE stands also for It's Easy and so it's been for me. I've been trained by Jose and I went there ready as never. The IDC had an intensive and very efficient program, I could see myself improving day after day and that's what made me feel so prepared on both theory and practical skills. Jose knows how to build instructors! He's focused on targets, patient and dynamic and first of all a friend. I fully recommend an IDC with Jose only for those who wants to be successful. Thanks Lycho!
Jorge Martinez 
A very complete training course, JLS gives you all the tools and personalized assistance for the achievement of your goals.
REGULAR PRICE: $2,998.00

Full Satisfaction Guarantee
Product # 1 Palenque Fitness Retreat  $1,998.00 Value

Product # 2 Private Pre-Event Support Coaching $250.00 Value

Product # 3 6 Months Accountability Post-Event Support Coaching $750.00 Value

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Will the activities be too challenging for a beginner?
Answer: Activities are customized to all fitness levels, ensuring an invigorating yet achievable experience..
Question: I'm not an entrepreneur or professional; is this retreat for me?
Answer: Our retreat is designed to welcome anyone seeking to elevate their wellness journey.
Question: What if I don't achieve the results I'm looking for? 
Answer: Our retreat and follow-up care are committed to supporting your lasting transformation.

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